Chipboard Flooring

Sheet Size - 2400 x 600mm


Thickness - 18 or 22mm                       

Available in our Lifton, Launceston & Tavistock Branches

Product Information

An enhanced moisture resistant tongue-and-groove structural flooring board which is the backbone of our range of structural chipboard flooring products. Each board is machine profiled with unique diamond tip tooling to achieve a precision tongue-and-groove profile ensuring a tighter, more consistent board joint.


  • Specified by NHBC for new build applications

  • Ideal for domestic flooring, renovations and refurbishment projects

  • Suitable for use in damp or humid environments, such as kitchens or bathrooms where it provides excellent protection.


  • Enhanced moisture resistant chipboard

  • The only board manufactured in the UK using diamond-tipped tooling to create a precision tongue-and-groove profile.

  • Profiled on all four sides for quick and easy installation.

  • Specified for new-build applications.

  • CE and FSC® certified