Closed Eave Steel Lintels

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Stressline’s closed eave steel lintels are designed for one purpose. They are designed specifically where there is an opening in a cavity wall, but no load from one leaf. The only ‘real-life’ application is closed eaves. If you look at the load span tables you will notice that for eaves applications you would apply a ratio of 19:1.



Closed eave lintels are available in 150mm increments and the curtain brackets an open back lintels can be easily fixed without the need for timber battens.

Whilst they are specifically designed for eave applications, they are suitable for a variety of cavity wall constructions, have excellent thermal efficiency and a built-in plaster key – perforated base plate to inner flange.


Loads on eaves HD and XHD type lintels can be applied directly to the box section, without the aid of another course of blockwork.



Stressline closed eave steel lintels are designed to support:


  • Standard truss loads


Heavy duty box section lintels (E HD and E XHD) are designed to support:


  • Attic trusses

  • Compound trusses


Closed eave lintels are available in 3 cavity sizes – 50mm, 90mm, and 130mm. Standard, HD and XHD variants are available in wide inner leaf format.