External Solid Wall Steel Lintels

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Product Information

Our external solid wall steel lintels consist of three types of products. The BOX lintel is designed for heavy loads on a 19:1 ratio, it also has a HD (heavy duty) version. The inverted ‘T’ is for standard loads. The channel type is effectively a HD version of the inverted ‘T’ but is designed for very heavy loads on a 1:1 ratio.

These types of lintels are used for external solid walls but the different types means they can be applied to many different situations for different reasons.



Like all of our lintels, external solid wall lintels are easy to install.

The T and CH type lintels can be used to carry fair facing brick walls on both sides.

They can be used for tile-hanging external walls, and like most of our lintels, they have a galvanised finish to ensure a robust end product.



Stressline external solid wall steel lintels are designed to support:


  • Concrete floor loads

  • Tile hanging

  • Masonry loads

  • Timber floor joists

  • Attic truss loads and/or roof trusses

  • Point loads


The three types cover a number of applications. The box type at 19:1 load ratios and the T and CH types for more even loads.