Polymeric HSE DPC - 20M Rolls

Sizes available - 100mm                             450mm

                             150mm                             600mm



Available in our Lifton, Launceston & Tavistock Branches

Product Information

Technical Information:


Plyload DPC is a bitumen free polymeric sheet. This DPC is designed to remain effective for the lifetime of the structure. The product is compatible with all commonly used building materials including mastics, hot applied bituminous damp proof membranes, expanded polystyrene and other insulants.


Manufactured in a range of standard widths, roll length 20 metres.




  • Complete system agreement certificated

  • Does not contain pitch

  • Will not age, harden or shrink

  • Remains flexible at low temperature

  • High flexural bond strength

  • Compatible with bitumen

  • Does not extrude under high compressive loads

  • Retains its flexibility throughout its life

  • Pre-formed cloaks available