Powerlon Breathable Felt

Roll Size - 1.5 x 50M

Weight - 115gsm


Colour - Grey

Available in our Lifton, Launceston & Tavistock Branches

Product Information


Powerlon UltraPerm can be used on warm and cold, supported and unsupported, ventilated and unventilated roofs. It is suitable for all roof types and walls in timber frame constructions.

Powerlon UV Low Pitch is suitable for shallow pitched roofs, with a pitch of 5 degrees and over.


Powerlon UltraPerm is supplied with pre-printed marking lines for both roof pitch and overlaps, making installation quicker and easier.

Full illustrated installation instructions are supplied with each roll.

Powerlon Tapes, including Penetration Tape, FR Aluminium Tape and Double-sided Jointing Tape, complement the Powerlon UltraPerm range for professional installation. 

Powerlon UV Low Pitch is supplied with full installation instructions. Proprietary accessories including detailing pieces, adhesives and tapes should be used for correct installation and to validate any warranties. 


BBA Certification The British Board of Agreement is one of the UK’s leading notified bodies offering approval, certification and test services to manufacturers of products and systems supplying the construction industry. Only products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production are awarded an Agreement Certificate.

CE Marking is required for many products. 

  • It shows that the manufacturer has checked that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements

  • It is an indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation

  • It allows the free movement of products within the European market


Flame Retardancy:

Class E EN 1301-1 European Standard EN 13501-1 provides the reaction to fire classification procedure for all products and building elements.

DIN 4102 B1 Fire behaviour of building materials and elements - Classification of building materials - Requirements and testing.