Standard P/S Concrete Lintels

Sizes available in branch - 100 x 65mm - various lengths

                                              140 x 100mm - various lengths

Available in our Lifton, Launceston & Tavistock Branches

Product Information

Stressline concrete lintels are the benchmark in prestressed structural building products. Our standard lintels are designed to support a variety of loads including masonry, timber floor loads, roof loads, concrete floor loads and much more. The prestressed concrete lintel is a cost effective and flexible solution to support load bearing walls and a number of types and sizes are available as standard.


The standard prestressed lintels are cost-effective and very versatile. Most can be reversed, and concrete can be cut to length on site.

They are also easy to install and can be used for a variety of applications. These include internal partitions, external cavity walls, garages, and over services.

Lintels sizes range from 100 x 65mm through to 214 x 140mm. We can also schedule and deliver in house plots.


  • Masonry loads

  • Uniformly distributed timber floor loads

  • Uniformly distributed roof loads

  • Concrete floor loads

  • Attic truss loads

  • Point loads; compound trusses, steel beams etc