Standard Leaf Steel Lintels

Sizes available in branch - SL90 - various lengths

                                              SL100 - various lengths

                                              SL110 - various lengths

                                              SL130 - various lengths

                                              SL150 - various lengths

Available in our Lifton, Launceston & Tavistock Branches

Product Information

Stressline standard leaf steel lintels are the benchmark in load bearing steel lintel manufacturing. These lintels are designed to support masonry loads and uniformly distributed timber floor loads. The steel lintel is easy to install and the galvanised finish means a tough and durable product, boasting impressive thermal efficiency. All of our lintels are available at various lengths.


Our standard leaf lintels are easy to install and can be used for many different applications. Because they are made from galvanised steel they are durable and have a very long life.

If offers excellent thermal efficiency with built-in continuous insulation.

Standard leaf lintels also have a built-in plaster key or a perforated base plate to inner flange.


Stressline standard leaf steel lintels are designed to support:


  • Masonry loads

  • Masonry loads and uniformly distributed timber floor loads

  • Uniformly distributed roof loads (HD lintel usually required)


Standard leaf lintels are available in 6 cavity sizes – 50mm, 70mm, 90mm, 110mm, 130mm and 150mm. The outer leaf is designed for 100mm brick or blockwork and the inner leaf for between 100mm and 115mm.