Wide Outer Leaf Steel Lintels

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Product Information

Wide outer leaf steel lintels or WOL for short are manufactured with an outer leaf of up to 150mm. As with most of our steel lintels they can support many loads from masonry loads through to floor loads, again with HD (heavy duty) options available.

The biggest advantage of wide outer leaf steel lintels is their ability to be used for real stone on the outer. Because stone is generally wider than brickwork, a WOL steel lintel is the perfect choice for this type of material. We can also offer a flexible solution for even wide stone work by combining lintels.



Our wide outer leaf lintels are easy to install and are often specified when there is stone on the outer leaf. They are galvanised steel, and thus robust and strong.

It offers excellent thermal efficiency with built-in continuous insulation.


Wide outer leaf lintels also have a built-in plaster key or a perforated base plate to inner flange.



Stressline wide outer leaf steel lintels are designed to support:


  • Masonry loads

  • Masonry loads and uniformly distributed timber floor loads

  • Uniformly distributed roof loads (HD lintel usually required)


The wide outer leaf can be up to 150mm in width, and is the ideal choice for specifiers when buildings are being designed with stone on the outside.